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Why credit achievements with Digital Badges?

Customize certifications

It provides personalized and secure certifications automatically and with Blockchain technology. We integrate with various platforms to save time and money.

Efficiently manage achievements

A single place to fully visualize the achievements provides the opportunity to manage talent and processes in an agile and efficient way.

Project your brand on the web

Digital Badges are shared easily and securely on all social networks positioning the issuing brand in the digital world.

What are the benefits of digital credentials?

Brand projection

Unlike physical credentials and certifications, they can be shared on digital platforms to connect people and organizations with new opportunities.

Secure and Verifiable

Verification of each Badge takes a single click. Badges can only be issued by the organization to its accredited members, preventing manipulation and fraud.

Personalized design

Development of personalized plans adjustable to the needs of each entity.


Digital Badges are intended to be shared, sent, embedded, etc. and in this way be visible to the public of interest.

Specific information

Each badge contains the data that support the achievement: date, issuing entity, name of the borrower, assignment criteria, evidence and more.

Digital incentives

Recognizing the achievements of its members promotes an environment of gamification: motivating, growth and commitment to the issuing entity of the Badge

Who uses our platform?

We provide solutions for entities in search of connectivity and digital positioning, which yearn to leave a digital footprint on their members.

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