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What are digital credentials?

Digital Credentials are a visual representation of a skill or accomplishment that can be displayed, shared and verified online. Unlike physical credentials, they contain metadata to help organizations, educational institutions, and professional associations recognize, verify, and communicate their members’ achievements in real time.

A digital credentials program is made of digital badges, which represent specific knowledge, performance, experience, or skills.


LinkedIn members with digital certifications get viewed 6 times more than those without

What are the benefits of digital credentials?

Portable and Shareable

Unlike physical credentials and certifications, they can be shared on digital platforms to connect people and organizations with new opportunities.

Secure and Verifiable

Badges can only be issued by the organization to its accredited members, preventing manipulation and fraud.

Data Rich

Each badge is encoded with the description of the achieved skill, date, issuer approval criteria, and much more.

Save time and money

Compared with physical options with high printing and labor costs


Formally showcasing your member’s achievements with digital badges increases your organization’s online visibility.

Increase website traffic

Programs using digital credentials obtain more web visits

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Embrace a digital culture and shape the future of education and work